An ancestral home to the Cherokee Indians, this area is full of rich history and the center of several parks and mountain ranges. Cherokee County is located along the long stretch of the Appalachian Mountains, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world with rich diversity of wildlife.  We are right along the Blue Ridge portion of the Appalachians, with access to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The Blue Ridge province stretches from Georgia all the way to Pennsylvania, but you can only see the foggy tips of the Smokies in North Carolina and Tennessee.

As you traverse the mountains, keep an eye to the sky and look out for eagles and hawks.  You may also see deer, foxes, bears or even elk! We have hiking, horseback riding and bicycle trails, as well as ample opportunities for fishing, boating and kayaking.  If you are in western North Carolina, don’t miss these scenic vistas!

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