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Train enthusiasts will want to check out the historic L&N Depot located in downtown Murphy and the historic Depot located in downtown Andrews.  The L&N Depot in Murphy is a little train station with a big history. Approximately 150 years old, the depot was once the meeting place of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad and the Southern Railroad. After a wild history, what remains is the smallest railroad in the country right in the heart of Murphy. Be sure to check out the station on your trip to find out all the facts, rumors, and intrigue that led to this distinction.  The history of Andrews is closely related to the building of the Richmond and Danville Railroad, which was completed in Andrews in the spring of 1890, the same time the original depot was built.  Andrews was named in honor of the railroad's second vice-president, Col. A.B. Andrews.  

If you are staying in Cherokee County, you do not need to go very far to experience a little nostalgia. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is located about a 30-minute drive away but takes passengers on a four-hour journey (3.5 hours on Sundays) through some of the most beautiful parts of the region.  Also, a ride on the BRSR is a great way to learn about the long railroad history of the region.